I am always looking for uplifting and inspirational stories to tell, and I welcome queries from editors, publishers and agents alike. I am also interested in hearing directly from individuals who feel that their extraordinary life experiences deserve a book of their own. As a writing partner, I bring undying passion to the process of ushering stories through every step of the publishing process, from writing a killer proposal to penning a page-turner that's worthy of the bestseller lists.

(**Please note: Since the release of The Magnolia Story I have been overwhelmed by interest in my work , and although I do the best I can, I cannot personally respond to all queries. Thank you for your patience and understanding!**) 

​“Mark Dagostino’s skillset is impeccable. When you couple that with the passion he has conveyed in his work the results are astounding. Being able to collaborate with such a talented and brilliant writer and person has been an honor.”    

                                                                                           - Tonya Craft, Accused
“Mark Dagostino’s talents speak for themselves on every page of this book.” 

                                                                                           - Gavin MacLeod, This is Your Captain Speaking
“Mark Dagostino’s passion and professionalism were truly the engine that made this

 book possible. I enjoyed every moment I spent with Mark on this effort.”                            

                                                                              - Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch, Adapt or Die

As a speaker, I enjoy demystifying the all-too-mysterious world of publishing—all while encouraging my audience to chase down dreams and make bold choices that will lead to the sort of success most people only dream about. One way I do that is through sharing my own autobiographical story of how a kid from New Hampshire wound up at the Oscars and Emmys and Grammys and more, getting up-close-and-personal with some of the biggest celebrities in the world before choosing to leave it all behind in order to conquer a second dream career as a bestselling author. 



Mark Dagostino


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As a consultant, I have worked with many individuals and companies who are looking to tell their story—through books, magazines, public relations campaigns, television, film, online, and more. 

I also occasionally enjoy lending my knowledge and expertise to marketing campaigns and "business writing," too — as long as a project calls for catching the massive, widespread attention that the well-written word can deliver. 

Finally, I offer services as a media consultant, bringing nearly two decades of intense national media experience to the table, including working relationships with some of the biggest celebrities, publicity firms, and media makers in the business.